Our gold walls…as seen on TV

posted on Mar 16 2012

One of the most distinctive features of the Moviepilot Labs HQ are our golden walls. That’s right… golden walls. Before our office was our office, it was a dance studio (Tanzschule Bebop). It still retains a lot of the hallmarks of the previous studio, with generous floorspace, mirrors, and those golden walls. In August 2008, the school was featured in an episode of Tatort called ‘Blinder Glaube’ (Blind Belief). You can see a synopsis of the episode in German here.

For those of you know aren’t familiar with the long-running German TV series Tatort, imagine a cross between the locality and capsule-episode format of CSI and the strong crime-drama storylines of NYPD Blue. It’s one of German-speaking Europe’s longest-running TV shows, having its first season in 1970. It’s a classic to say the least.

Check out some of the episode here.

How ‘bout them walls, hm? See the German-language version of this post here.

Special thanks to Rochus!

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