Moviepilot Talks Social Media At International Media Convention, Berlin

posted on Sep 5 2012

Jon Handschin, CPO and co-founder of Moviepilot, was invited to join the International Media Convention as part of IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The event was held on Tuesday and addressed the issue of ‘smart cinema’ and how social media is changing the film industry. Jon was part of a panel discussion that included renowned industry professionals, including Marco Kreuzpaintner (Director, Founder and CCO of Summerstorm Entertainment); Kasten Aurich (Managing Director at Sabotage Films) and Oliver Damian (Producer/Managing Director at 27 Films Productions).

Promoting a film now involves more than just a great movie poster and positive reviews in magazines or newspapers. However, the success of a film doesn’t just stop with the number of tweets or likes, either. When it comes to reaching out to a film-savvy crowd, it’s a combination of content and engagement. In a digitally competitive environment, it’s also important to offer a platform where fans can share and connect, whether that’s offline or on.

In the upcoming years, we’re expecting the film industry to utilize social media even more, and create interactive and engaging campaigns that specifically target the audience. What are your thoughts? How do you think social media will change the way movies are marketed?

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