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posted on Sep 13 2012

Our community on Moviepilot loves to discover. Not only is it fun, but it allows them to find exciting new movies. Two months ago, we released a new discovery bar to improve the Moviepilot experience in two key areas: access and navigation. We’d like to invite you backstage, and let you in on how things are working out. Hint: We’re quite happy.

Here at Moviepilot Labs, we work tirelessly to see you find that “next perfect movie”. Incremental improvements is our day to day MO, but sometimes big leaps are are needed to get greater results. In this case, our team decided to start from scratch and rethink a whole new approach to discovering movies. Let’s break it down:

The way to discovery: Simple, fast access

We want you to be able to discover all our content with ease and without distraction, so we moved away from the more traditional ‘click’ towards a solution birthed from mobile and tablet experiences: the swipe. Accessing our discovery bar couldn’t be
any easier—simply swipe or scroll upwards and the bar appears, ready for you to explore. Not only it is easy, but it also looks really slick! See for yourself.

Directing you towards great movies, with swift navigation

Moviepilot has more than 25 genre channels with over 500 movies in total. Allowing our community easy access to all these movies while keeping it enjoyable was our target. Mission complete! You can now swiftly navigate and discover new channels by scrolling left and right, or using the arrows at each end. We’ve made it super-simple to easily find your favorite genre by associating each with a iconic still from a classic of the genre.

Our community loves it, but this is only the beginning

We’re really pleased to see our new discovery bar allow more and more people to find great new movies every day. We’ve seen a 280% growth in access to the discovery bar, and a increase of 900% in users selecting genres.

This is still only the beginning. We are working tirelessly every day to improve Moviepilot and make it an amazing experience for you. As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback, so do drop us a comment and tell us how you’re finding the discovery bar, or just your thoughts on Moviepilot in general. Thanks!

Over and out,
The Moviepilot Labs Team (Javier)

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