Facebook Insights Confidentials

posted on Oct 31 2012

Hello Facebook Mavens, Social Media Marketeers, Friends.

We here at Moviepilot are strong believers in the Facebook platform. Currently, we operate 12 pages celebrating upcoming movies from Superheroes to Horror; Fantasy to Legendary Directors and through them we are connected with 9 million Likes in the U.S. today.

We are thankful for the opportunities that Facebook has given us during the past few years. There would not be a U.S. version of Moviepilot if it hadn’t been for the simultaneously influential and disruptive impact Facebook has had on the web overall.

But we also feel that there is so much more potential out there for case studies and business scenarios, if only so that the knowledge about content strategies and their effects on KPIs on Facebook is more readily available to a wider audience.

This is why we want to disclose our insights and the lessons we’ve gained from our daily work on Planet Facebook with you.

We hope you enjoy and we’re thankful for every note of encouragement or criticism you throw our way.

All the best,

Jon Handschin

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