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posted on Nov 13 2012

Greetings, friends!

We recently crossed the thousand movie mark, meaning that we now have over a thousand movies waiting to be discovered and followed on Moviepilot. As we continue to grow towards our goal of being the world’s best movie community, today we are excited to announce we have a new area of discovery to be explored: TV Shows!

One hundred of the top TV shows currently airing (or soon to air) have been added to our Explore pages, allowing you to follow shows and be kept up to date with news, set pictures and exclusives as they drop.

Shows like The Walking Dead and American Dad are welcome additions to our fast growing database of awesomeness. We’re excited to see which shows you’re most interested in and to deliver sweet, sweet content right to your hungry eyes.

Tweet us or email us if you have thoughts, feedback or questions! We hope you like it.

More from us soon.

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