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posted on Nov 15 2012

We founded Moviepilot with the goal of helping movie fans find great movies, and helping those great movies find their true audience. As filmmakers ourselves we understand the importance, and difficulty, in finding and engaging the right audience for a movie. As true cinema geeks, we also understand the influence fans have in helping a hidden gem turn into a surprise success.

The dedication it takes to stay ahead of the game as a movie buff is no easy feat. So, we created a platform that delivers all the movie information you are interested in from the upcoming movies you want to hear about, and gave it a beautiful home on the web. We believe that the magic of cinema can only unfold if a great movie meets its great audience. We’re here to help make that magic happen.

The Brutal Weekend of Truth

The first 48-hour period in which a film begins it’s journey at the box office often determines the future success of that movie. If it does well - awesome, it will run for weeks and weeks, travels the world and ultimately reach millions of people through DVDs and TV. If it doesn’t do so well - it’s toast. Kicked out of theaters and out of the system before it has even had the chance to be discovered. Years of work all decided in one weekend. That might seem a little harsh, but that’s how Hollywood works. There have been lots of great movies that never found their audience. And it has been getting more and more brutal over the last decade.

Fans to the Rescue

We can help solve this problem. With the help of great upcoming movies (there are hundreds) and awesome dedicated movie fans (we have hundreds of thousands), we can fix this. The answer for us is simple - understanding you. Within our movie community we’re collecting rare insight into what the most avid movie fans out there are interested in. We study movie tastes and watch the movements of word of mouth recommendations. We collect this information and help movie studios and independents better understand and reach their audiences. Your voice is very important to us, and together, we can shake things up.

Power to the People

Fans are just as important as the movies themselves when it comes to making cinema magic. is growing into a platform where fans can raise their own voices and be heard by millions. A place where they come to learn and follow everything about the movies they care about. A home where they can get in contact with filmmakers, influence their decisions, and support them in finding their right audience. We’re building Moviepilot for fans to get behind the movies they love, and for filmmakers to acknowledge their fans as a part of the cinema magic and give back to them.

Less than a year ago we launched, and with 8 million Facebook fans and hundreds of thousand of users later, we’re well on our way to creating the world’s leading, and most influential, movie community. We love what we do, and we couldn’t be more excited about where Moviepilot is headed.

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