Discover your next favorite movie

posted on Sep 13 2012

Our community on Moviepilot loves to discover. Not only is it fun, but it allows them to find exciting new movies. Two months ago, we released a new discovery bar to improve the Moviepilot experience in two key areas: access and navigation. We’d like to invite you backstage, and let you in on how things are working out. Hint: We’re quite happy.

Here at Moviepilot Labs, we work tirelessly to see you find that “next perfect movie”. Incremental improvements is our day to day MO, but sometimes big leaps are are needed to get greater results. In this case, our team decided to start from scratch and rethink a whole new approach to discovering movies. Let’s break it down:

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Find more movies, actors and directors with our search bar!

posted on Aug 3 2012

Got to find a particular film? Want to know which upcoming movies your favorite star will be in? The search-bar has made a return, new and improved, and ready bring the latest movies to you!

Check it out and get the most out of the hundreds of upcoming movies we have on

Moviepilot Labs is all about getting involved with the computing community, and this weekend we were psyched to help out with the July workshop for Rails Bridge supported by Rails Girls Berlin at co.up Coworkingspace.

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Moviepilot just celebrated its 5th birthday, and to celebrate we had an epic summer bash/family reunion at Roadrunner’s Rock and Motor Club! BBQ, friendly drinks, tunes and most of all, our extended Moviepilot family getting together to let the good times roll.

Thanks to Claudia & Co for planning, @nuc for the photos, and most of all the Moviepilots out there who came to party with us!

Get a peek inside Moviepilot Labs

posted on Jun 20 2012

Ever wonder what Moviepilot Labs, the headquarters for Moviepilot, is like? Sure you might be seeing some glimpses here and there, but what’s it really got going? We know we don’t have the most conventional-looking offices around, and frankly, we think they suit our unique, laid-back vibe. And what makes our Moviepilot Labs team really love this place? In a word: Style.

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Moviepilot gets Series B funding!

posted on May 10 2012

Moviepilot Labs is proud to announce that we now have Series B funding, thanks to our amazingly supportive investors! We are overjoyed that we will be able to continue to bring you the latest in upcoming films from rumor to red carpet, growing with even more exciting stuff in the pipeline.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped us to come this far, and will be along for the ride in our next stage of the journey.

Find out more about it here: Tech Crunch The Hollywood Reporter Gigaom TNW Venture Village YouTube

お握り(hiragana: おにぎり), onigiri [pronounced: oh-nee-gee-ree]

Some might say that Moviepilot Labs has a special affection of Japan… a couple of us have even lived (and loved) there, and speak the language. Others of us are simply manga and anime maniacs with Totoro and Jiji on our desks. But there are always our regular rounds of sushi or visits to some of Berlin’s best Japanese restaurants… we just can’t get enough!

With that in mind, Ben (@omdb) decided to grace our pre-May Day Monday with a treat of homemade rice balls (called onigiri). Onigiri are the go-to snack for schoolkids, office workers, picnickers and pretty much everyone else. More triangles than balls, and filled with everything from seaweed to salmon, they are little ricey packets of tasty goodness. And we had them right at our bar… two words: ‘yum’ and ‘moar’!

Check out more photos!

Special thanks to Ben, Natsuko and @leawillkuchen!

Last Friday, Formal Friday made a comeback after a couple weeks off…the first week back is always the hardest! Scotch makes it worthwhile.

Special thanks to @leawillkuchen

Moviepilot, now on Somewhere

posted on Apr 20 2012

Moviepilot Labs is always looking to get in on the newest and most innovative of anything out there, and we’re proud to say that we’re one of the first to get on the bus with Somewhere!

Somewhere is a service that helps companies to find cultural fits, based on the idea that good cultural fits create successful teams and work environments. This philosophy really struck a chord with us here at Moviepilot Labs, since one of the most important aspects of why we are so passionate about our product is our across-the-board love of film. With culture being equally important to Somewhere, it seemed like a no-brainer to join their beta.

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Get on board for!

posted on Apr 17 2012

Remember Chaplin? By releasing Chaplin, we aimed to provide a sample architecture for a complex application. We received a lot of feedback from the community. We would like to continue this work and discuss things with people who are building JavaScript-driven Web applications.

That’s why we’re announcing, …

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